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  • den-6070-comp

    SHRIMP KING COMPLETE Main food Feed sticks for daily feeding. Containing all the important nutrients, substances needed for growth and vital substances that shrimps need for healthy, balanced growth, vibrant colouring and plentiful reproduction.

    98,00 kr
  • gg-sdp-35

    Shrimp Dinner pads Complete food (main food) for ornamental shrimp Shrimp Dinner is the main daily meal for balanced nutrition of ornamental shrimp. All the essential nutrients, nutrients and natural vitamins for healthy development and successful molting, growth, colors and good propagation are included here.

    95,00 kr
  • oap-sf-cp-30

    Shrimps forever complete Shrimps forever complete is a complete shrimp feed containing all the essential minerals and nutrients that shrimp need. Consists of 100% natural ingredients that support health, color and breeding.

    89,00 kr
  • oap-sf-gr-30

    Shrimps forever growth Shrimps forever growth is made to speed up shrimp growth and support the immune system. Due to high protein content and addition of minerals and enzymes, cell construction is fully supported. In addition, enzymes, vitamins and phospholipids provide full support for all shrimp processes.

    89,00 kr
  • oap-sf-df-30

    Shrimps forever daily feed Shrimps forever daily feed is 100% natural feed with extra vitamins. This shrimp feed is complete and suitable for daily use. Daily feed contains additional vitamins and fibers for good digestion and color development. The additional fiber stimulates digestion and increases the uptake of nutrients.

    89,00 kr
  • Genchem Biomax Complete food Biomax is a nutritious specialist shrimp food designed for all types of freshwater shrimp such as Cherry, Tiger, Bee, Amano, CRS etc.Highly palatable and nutritious by feeding your shrimp this food will enable them to grow quickly and healthily. Biomax will turn your dull coloured shrimps into bright and shining after 15 days...

    115,00 kr
  • gg-sn-art

    Artemia Main feed for ornamental shrimps The Artemia-Snack can also be used as a complete feed, since the combination of animal and vegetable ingredients contains all the necessary nutrients and completely covers the needs. The tabs are a very good protein supplier.Feeding recommendation: 1/2 Tab per 15-20 Shrimp30g Aroma pack, Tabs

    49,00 kr
  • TIMA-GPG-35

    TIMA shrimp paste Gravid, 35g Out of date! Complete food for Dwarf Shrimp High quality ingredients with essential nutrients and vitamins Supplys the energy needed to get shrimp saddle Ideal also for Filter Shrimp Powder Feed pudding

    28,75 kr 115,00 kr -75%
  • sfbsp-cb

    Shrimps Forever Caridina Box Bee shrimp pack With the Shrimps Forever Caridina box you have everything you need for breeding and keeping Caridina shrimp in one box. This box contains different types of food, minerals and additives.

    229,00 kr
  • sfbsp-ntb

    Shrimps Forever Neocaridina/Tiger Box With the Shrimps Forever Neocaridina/tiger box you have everything you need for breeding and keeping Neocaridina/tiger shrimp in one box. This box contains different types of food, minerals and additives.

    229,00 kr
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