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  • bow-redr

    BorneoWild Red Ruby Supplementary, Enhances growth and redness Borneo Wild Red Ruby ia a specialy food for Red Cherry Shrimp. It enhances growthand promotes vivid redness on the shell.

    119,00 kr
  • oap-sf-rd-40

    Shrimps forever Red short/expired date Shrimps forever red is supplementary shrimp feed on a natural basis that supports the red color of shrimps from a young age. Red provides better color coverage by stimulating the production of the red pigment. By giving shrimps forever red from a young age ensures great color coverage from the start.

    69,00 kr 115,00 kr -40%
  • bow-gold

    Borneo Wild Gold Ingot Enhances Growth and Yellowness Borneo Wild Gold Ingot is a food specifically designed for the nourishment of the Caridina golden shell. Stimulates 'appetite for shrimp and intensifies the yellow color of exoskeleton.

    119,00 kr
  • den-6075-color

    SHRIMP KING COLOR COLOR FOOD Food granules for targeted colour intensification of all yellow, orange and red shrimp species. With high concentration of natural colour enhancers such as astaxanthin, beta-carotene and lutein. Shrimp King Color are sinking, water-stable food granules made from 100% natural ingredients for natural colour intensification of...

    98,00 kr
  • den-6115-apop

    SHRIMP KING ARTEMIA POPS Supplementary food Sinkable food sticks made from organic soya bran with valuable Artemia and Daphnia. Tasty feeding fun for all shrimps. The food sticks easily crumble away and form a “food carpet“ – thus, every animal is able to get to the food. For healthy growth, vibrant colouring and plentiful reproduction.

    98,00 kr
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