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  • gg-sbf-35

    Shrimp Baby Food Shrimp Baby Food contains all essential proteins and amino acids that are so important for healthy growth.

    110,00 kr
  • Bacter AE Micro Powder Water Additive for furthering biofilms and the microflora/-fauna in shrimp tanks Bacter AE Micro Powder adds important microorganisms, amino acids and enzymes to your aquarium. It enhancing water quality and improving the development of biofilms, which are essential for shrimp.

    115,00 kr
  • oap-sf-b-20

    Shrimps forever baby Shrimps forever baby is a special shrimp feed in powder form, which offers baby shrimp everything for optimal growth from an early age. Baby is a mix of different cereals and microorganisms that can easily be digested and process by the small shrimps.

    89,00 kr
  • den-6071-baby

    SHRIMP KING BABY REARING FOOD Micro-granules for daily feeding. Specially adapted to the nutritional needs and feeding habits of shrimp larvae. For all larval stages. For healthy growth and problem-free moulting. Shrimp King Baby is a special food that will sink, consisting of 100% natural ingredients for species-specific nutrition and rearing of...

    98,00 kr
  • Genchem Aminovita-P Genchem Aminovita-P is a broad range conditioner containing 17 amino acids, 12 vitamins and  pancreatic enzymes. It will improve the digestion, appetite and growth rate of shrimp.

    80,50 kr 115,00 kr -30%
  • Genchem Biomax Complete food Biomax is a nutritious specialist shrimp food designed for all types of freshwater shrimp such as Cherry, Tiger, Bee, Amano, CRS etc.Highly palatable and nutritious by feeding your shrimp this food will enable them to grow quickly and healthily. Biomax will turn your dull coloured shrimps into bright and shining after 15 days...

    115,00 kr
  • mosura-shri

    Mosura Shrimpton Artificial planktonic shrimp food Mosura Shrimpton is a artificial planktonic food suitable shrimps of all stages including shrimp larvae. It composes of high level of micro-encapsulated, spirulina, chlorella and other ingridents. The high stability micro-encapsulated food contains 12 amino acid and high unit of Vitamin C and E.

    125,00 kr
  • bow-bebi

    BorneoWild Bebi Baby Shrimp Food BorneoWild Bebi is a nutritious diet specially formulated for new born and juvenile shrimps. It enhances the digestive system by activating the intestinal bacterial flora. It also maintains and expedites the maturation of water by brekaing down organic waste as well as supporting continual growth of beneficial bacterial.

    89,00 kr
  • Genchem Biozyme Bacteria and enzyme Genchem Biozyme is a microorganism specifically for shrimp and it reduces both nitrite and ammonia. Biozyme also improves the metabolic digestive system of your shrimp, baby shrimp will consume it as a food.

    89,00 kr
  • mosura-bt9

    Mosura BT-9 Bacteria for clearer water and food for baby shrimpsMosura BT-9 is a powerful multipurpose bacteria culture that is specially cultivated to be used in shrimp tanks. It consists of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. It purifies water by decomposing ammonia and nitrite. Leftover feed and organic matter are broken down so as to avoid sludge.

    139,00 kr
  • sh-sp-20

    Spirulina Powder

    29,00 kr
  • sh-Pollen

    Shrimps Bee Pollen Supplement Food Shrimps Bee Pollen Promotes healthy growth Helps shrimps to utilize food better and can accelerate the growth (growth substances) and other natural hormone substances, resulting in a very positive impact on shrimp and other organisms.

    59,00 kr
  • sh-np-20

    Nettle Powder Nettle powder contains important minerals for your shrimp, such as calcium, magnesium, silicon and vitamins A and B. 100% organic RAW product Improves survival rate and improves growth. Perfect food for shrimp at all stages of growth and small fish. We recommend giving nettles once a week as a supplement

    29,00 kr
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