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  • sera-aqt

    Sera Aquatan For permanently fish friendly, safe and clear water Immediately removes chlorine and chloramines Binds toxic heavy metals such as copper, zinc or lead Prevents water pollution by ammonia pH neutral formulation Quickly allows new additions when combined with sera bio nitrivec

    49,00 kr
  • sera-nit

    Sera Bio Nitrivec Premium class liquid filter medium Breaks down food remainders, ammonium and nitrite biologically Provides settling area for useful purification bacteria Creates a biologically active living environment

    79,00 kr
  • sera-tox

    Sera Toxivec First aid in aquariums Immediately removes ichthyotoxic ammonia and nitrite Binds heavy metals such as lead and copper Removes chlorine and chloramines Lowers nitrate levels and, correspondingly, algae growth

    89,00 kr
  • sera-black-aqua

    Sera Blackwater Aquatan For a natural blackwater effect as in the tropics Lively and healthy fish, shrimps and crayfish Water according to the original biotopes supports coloration and natural behavior Immediately binds heavy metals No pH value alterations Reduced algae growth due to reduced light Long lasting water tint Extremely economic

    69,00 kr
  • Easy Life Aquamaker AQUAMAKER IS A POWERFUL, FAST WORKING WATER CONDITIONER.It makes aggressive tap water immediately suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums. AquaMaker can also be used in reef aquariums and garden ponds. It is absolutely safe for all fish, plants, corals, shrimps, snails and the biological filter.

    99,00 kr
  • Easy Life Filtermedium Is 100% natural and safe Does not contain any chemicals, bacteria or other organic additives Is very active in freshwater and marine aquariums, ponds and paludariums Solves many problems: frequently occurring and even rare problems Is a very versatile preventive product Conveys dozens of powerful effects

    99,00 kr
  • Easy Life EasyStart EASYSTART IS A NATURAL FILTER STARTERIts objective is to quickly purify and stabilize the water when cycling a new freshwater or marine aquarium, so that it is suitable for fish.

    99,00 kr
  • bow-enli

    BorneoWild Enlive Enlive is a multi-purpose culture of more than 100 types of bacterial in dormant state. BorneoWild Enlive helps to seed a new tank substrate system quickly as well as in new filters when dosed into water directly. It replenishes bacterial losses after a regular water change, purifies water by decomposing ammonia and nitrite.

    149,00 kr
  • oap-sf-wp-130

    Shrimps Forever ProBacter filter bacteria Shrimps Forever ProBacter filter bacteria contains millions of live filter bacteria that shorten your aquarium startup period and accelerate the natural balance in the aquarium. These filter bacteria convert the waste to nitrates so that aquarium plants can absorb them.

    79,00 kr
  • oap-sf-wtc-130

    Shrimps Forever Crystal clear water Shrimps Forever Crystal clear water filters out impurities from the water and makes (murky) aquarium water crystal clear. Shrimps Forever Crystal clear water is a mixture of different natural clay minerals. Crystal clear water is therefore made of 100% natural components.

    79,00 kr
  • den-7039-osmo

    OSMOSE PROFESSIONAL 130 COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING SOFT, HIGH-PURITY WATER Maximum output:130 l per day at 25 °C and pressure of 4 bar Output under normal operating conditions:70-120 l per day at 10-15 °C and pressure of 3-6 bar Retention rate: At least 95 % Supplied ready for connection, incl. 3/4" tap adapter ("washing machine adapter") Simple to use

    895,00 kr
  • den-7040-osmo

    OSMOSE PROFESSIONAL 190 COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING SOFT, HIGH-PURITY WATER Maximum output:190 l per day at 25 °C and pressure of 4 bar Output under normal operating conditions:100–170 l per day at 10-15 °C and pressure of 3-6 bar Retention rate: At least 95 % Supplied ready for connection, incl. 3/4" tap adapter ("washing machine adapter") Simple to use

    995,00 kr
  • den-6142

    Shrimp King Humin Fluid Vital Liquid humic and fulvic acids for shrimps For species-appropriate conditioning of aquarium water for successful shrimp husbandry Increases the activity of shrimps and promotes balanced growth, health and vibrant colouring Promotes reproduction, provides the perfect conditions for successful breeding

    175,00 kr

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